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The Perfect Paleo Pre-Workout




The Best Diet?

People have been asking me lately what my diet is. I haven’t been dropping pounds left and right, but I have been thinning out quite nicely. I personally follow a “liberal” paleo eating routine, but I still enjoy some of the crappier things in life every now and then. So when people ask me how they can loose weight also, I tell them to check out the paleo diet.

The paleo diet can be intimidating. It’s extremely simple, yet hard to follow. It can be expensive and daunting at times. The best way for people to lose weight is this: cut the shit! Stop drinking sugary beverages, energy drinks and soda. Stop eating candy. Stop eating junk food. Stop eating fast food. Eat more natural foods like fruits, vegetables and berries. And most importantly (to me) strive to drink a gallon of water day, especially if you are in a work out routine.

If you can cut the shit and make small changes you will start to see results. You don’t need to jump into a full fledged diet, just wise up to what you are putting in your body.


Good luck!


Shoeless Joe



Good Job America! Where's the common sense? At least it's a Diet Coke!



*I am not a licensed anything. Everything I said in this post is my opinion. I am not a nutritionist.  Feel free to contact one if you feel like spending money, but I prefer common sense.

Amazingly Simple Paleo Dinner

Paleo doesn’t have to be hard. It can be way easier than you think. You don’t need to over-think meals. Last night, the Nickster and I made an amazingly good/simple dinner. We had steak, cabbage and yams. The steak was done in a grill pan and seasoned with some steak seasoning a guy in our area makes. The cabbage was done using my “corned-beef and cabbage” secret spices and the yams were just yams, nothing special about those. For being as simple as it was it had so much flavor!

If you would like my corned beef and cabbage recipe for St. Patrick’s Day just rate this post 5 stars, share it on facebook, tweet it out or leave a comment.

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,

Shoeless Joe


All I’m saying is everyone should take a good hard look at how they are living their life. Are you happy with what you have become? Not your career…YOU. Are you happy with the body you have? Are you happy with diseases such as Diabetes, all Mental/Nervous disorders? Americans have been getting sicker and sicker and bigger and bigger every year. What if, instead of doing the same things year after year we go back to the original. Let’s get off our asses and DO SOMETHING! Let’s eat the way our ancestors did before the advent of farming. Let’s MOVE like our lives depend on it, because it does. Believe me, it does. I’m not saying that your nutritionist and your personal trainer are wrong…wait, maybe I am saying just that! How does milk benefit me? Calcium? I can get that from my veggies thanks. And when it comes to working out why should we isolate muscles to work them? Is our body designed to work only one muscle at a time or as one machine? How will having really big biceps help me run? How will a treadmill help me carry my friend 10 miles out of the woods when they break their leg? People just need to rethink their lives. Try to get better, not to be different, just a better you.

I apologize for the rant, I just get so frustrated when I see commercials for finding a cure to some disease when we already have one that works…The paleo diet. So many things can be cured by eating differently and breaking away from the Zoo Human.  Our society puts too much effort into helping symptoms not prevention. Some days I feel like I should just run away and live on my own, in the wilderness and too just be me without worrying about society and what shirt to wear to work tomorrow. All the trivial nonsense is getting to me more and more as I journey toward a better me.

Good luck to you all. I hope you find yourself before it is too late…

Shoeless Joe

Paleo Ketchup

Posted by: Nicky

So I picked up a rotisserie chicken from Wegmans for dinner, and I started to crave ketchup to go with it.

I remember a while back reading one of my Grandma’s books about cooking during the Great Depression, “Clara’s Kitchen.” The book was written by Clara Cannucciari and her grandson, Christopher. It’s a great read, and many of the recipes incidentally happen to be paleo (Clara happened to be in her 90’s when the book was written by the way). I thought “if an Italian grandmother makes this, it must be good.” So I tried it. And it was goooood. And it took me less than 5 minutes to make. Check out the book if you get a chance.

There is some vinegar in this recipe, but it’s better than high fructose corn syrup. I imagine you could  try to substitute lemon juice for the vinegar, but I haven’t tried it yet. It tastes good even without the salt.

Here’s the recipe I followed from the book:

6 ounces tomato paste (homemade or canned)

1/4 cup water

1 clove garlic, pressed

2 tablespoons vinegar

1/2 teaspoon salt

Mix together tomato paste, water, garlic, vinegar and salt and put in a sterilized jar. It makes about a cup. Keep refrigerated.


A New Year A New Beginning

Happy New Year to everyone!

I regret to inform you that I have fallen victim to the evils of holiday traditions. Yes, I failed to go completely paleo this holiday season. It is hard to not eat what a little old Irish Grandmother tells you to eat. She is a sweet lady, I couldn’t make her upset. But! This is a new year and there are a lot of people how have committed to eating paleo for the month of January. Check out hunter-gatherer.com John Durant is going to be doing this as well.

So after falling extremely short of my 6 month goal, I will push forward again and go until July of this year. I hope to be announcing something very big in February that the Paleo Diet will help me with. But this is a secret!

So please, if you have any words of encouragement they would be very VERY helpful. This is going to be tough, but with the holidays done this should be much easier!


Long days and pleasant nights,

Shoeless Joe

Paleo Chicken Fingers

Posted By: Nicky

Chicken fingers are a quick and easy meal that I like to make at least once a week. I found this recipe at liveprimal.com and then made a few subtle changes. This site contains a wide variety of paleo recipes, so check it out: http://liveprimal.com/LPrecipes.pdf.

These chicken fingers are very easy to make. I try to keep the ingredients on hand. These can be cooked in a frying pan, but I find they turn out better if they are baked in an oven.

What you will need:

1-2 lb boneless skinless chicken tenders or chicken breasts cut into strips

1 egg, beaten

1/2 c almond flour

1/2 t sea salt

1 tsp poultry seasoning

1 tsp dry mustard powder

olive or coconut oil to line cooking sheet or for skillet

Set the oven to 375 degrees. Cover a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and coat with oil. Place egg into a bowl and beat. Place the almond flour with seasonings into another bowl. Dip each chicken piece into the egg bowl and then dip into the flour mixture. Place each piece on the cookie sheet.

Place the cookie sheet in the oven for 30-40 minutes, turning halfway through. The chicken fingers are done when the juices run clear and there is no pink.

These can be eaten plain, topped with marinara sauce, or used in salads.


My Trip to Chipotle

I went to Chipotle today. (Nothing new there) There was a couple in front of me who looked like they have never been in one before. Normally I would get a little antsy about the line not moving…AT ALL. But instead of cutting in the sign lookers I waited patiently. They even offered me to go first, but I didn’t want to be a jerk so I waited. When they were trying to pay for their order the system went down and they got their food for free. FREE CHIPTOLE! I was thinking, ‘Hell Yeah! Free food!’ but when I got to the cash register I asked if they could try one more time. I didn’t want to feel like I stole from them. They tried again but it was still down. So I took my free Chipotle salad and sat down to eat. When I was done eating I walked up to the register and asked if they had it up and running again. They said it was so I offered to pay for my food. I could have gotten away with free food, but it’s not in my nature. If I go somewhere for food that I intend to purchase I can’t just take it. To me that feels like stealing.

So the lesson today: Be Trustworthy. You’ll feel better about it later.

Long days and pleasant nights,

Shoeless Joe


This is the recipe for some pretty good Slow Cooked Paleo Chili. Because this recipe does not include beans I add the green peppers and one of the onions in towards the end to give it a little more heartiness. Enjoy!


2 lbs Grass-Fed Beef

2 Large Onions

2 Green Peppers

3 Garlic Cloves (Pressed)

2 T Chili Powder

2 T Crushed Red Pepper

1/2 t Cumin

1/2 t Garlic Powder

1 t Cayanne Pepper

2 14oz Cans of Diced Tomatos

1 Can of Tomato Paste (for a slightly thicker chili use a 14 oz can)


1) Brown the beef and drain

2) Put everything in the slow cooker EXCEPT the 2 green peppers and the extra onion. (They get added later)

3) Cook for 3-4 hours on high or 5-6 on low

4) when you have roughly 1 hour left add the green peppers and other onion.

That’s it. It’s a simple, great tasting dinner!

Paleo in a Nutshell

The Paleo Diet is not a fad. It is the way the human bodies are designed to take in energy. Try to imagine the first humans for a minute. They didn’t have processed foods, added sugars and all the chemical preservatives that the modern human ingests on a daily basis. They didn’t eat grains or tubers like potatoes. They were hunters and gatherers. They ate natural food. Animals, vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries. Things that didn’t contain toxins that made people sick. Our bodies are designed to eat natural foods; foods that do not require you to cook them to become edible. So why do we do that today? The answer is simple. It is because of agriculture and population rising. When the population grew the human race needed to find ways to feed more and more people. That is when we decided to stay in one place and grow food. We didn’t want to have to follow the herds and depend on gathering the random apples anymore. The human body hasn’t evolved hardly at all since our hunter-gatherer ancestors so why should our diet evolve?

The Paleo Diet is a very simple one. It can be broken down into two sections: 1 What you can eat and 2 What you shouldn’t eat.

1) What you can eat


  • Beef, Pork, Chicken and Fish
  • Grass fed/free range is best


  • Roots such as carrots and turnips
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumbers
  • you get the point


  • All fruits are fair game.
  • Try to not go overboard with fruits each day.


  • Use oils in moderation
  • Coconut/Olive/Uncured Bacon Grease all work.

Nuts and Berries

  • This doesn’t include peanuts

You can also have honey in small amounts.

What you Shouldn’t Eat


  • Peanuts
  • Green Beans
  • Peas
  • Kidney Beans




Dairy Products

All Grains

  • Bread, Pasta, etc.

The diet is simple. Summarized it is this: Do not eat anything processed. No dairy, bread, pasta, potatoes, beans, legumes or added sugar.

There is only one beverage that can honestly be called “Paleo”. Water. That doesn’t mean you can’t have other drinks. Tea and coffee are alright to drink as long as you drink them black. Remember, no added sugar and no dairy.

To get all the benefits of this diet you only need to follow it 80% of the time. My challenge to you is to try this diet for 3 weeks. That’s not even a month. See how you feel after those 3 weeks. If you want to feel how bad grains and dairy are making you feel try eating mac and cheese after your challenge. Trust me, you’ll feel the difference.

Buy “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf for a more detailed description of the diet.