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What is MovNat?

A question that I get asked a lot is, “What is MovNat?”  The simple explanation is: MovNat is using your body as nature intended. Alright, that’s not really a simple answer. It actually creates more questions. To really understand what MovNat is you should check out the website www.movnat.com. MovNat is made up of what they call the 3 Pillars. These are: 1) Natural 2) Evolutionary 3) Situational.

Natural (Respecting Laws of Nature): “MovNat is an environmental-oriented concept that provides a simple and accessible alternative to anyone interested in a physical activity that has minimal impact on nature.”*

Being stagnant is not natural. The lives we currently live are extremely sedentary and unhealthy. To become healthy we as a species need to embrace our bodies for their potential and bring our talents out from hiding.

Evolutionary (Trusting Our Primal Heritage): “The evolutionary philosophy of MovNat makes us understand how important it is to trust this universal and primal heritage.”*

Humans were not created yesterday, we have a long heritage and have been on this earth for over 200,000 years. That being said, our bodies and minds were designed for a different era, an era where we needed to move to survive. We needed to be able to hunt for our lives, run for our lives, swim for our live, climb for our lives, lift heavy objects for our lives, jump for our lives, throw for our lives and simply MOVE for our lives. Our bodies still have this engrained in them and need to be utilized. These things haven’t changed.

Situational (Satisfying Real World Demands): “MovNat trains you to become a well-rounded natural athlete, ready for a wide range of practical actions in various kinds of situations.” *

Does it make sense to be able to lift double your bodyweight and not be able to run 3 miles? Does it make sense to be able to run a marathon but not be able to lift 25 lbs? Of course not, but it happens all the time. You need to be able to survive any situation life  throws at us. You need to train your entire body and be ready to live life.

To summarize, MovNat is taking being from their unhealthy sedentary lifestyles and helping them become a true athlete, a true human, through education and practice. Please, go visit Erwan LeCorre at his website www. movnat.com and sign up for a 1-day seminar. This will be one of the best decisions you ever make.


(The first person talking is Nicky!)

Also, check out the youtube channel for MovNat: http://www.youtube.com/user/MovNat

There are some really nice videos/interviews on there.

*Quotes taken from http://movnat.com/about/the-pillars/.


Eskimo Hunter-Gatherers

Posted by: Nicky

I found this video about life in Alaska back in the 1940’s. It’s pretty cool because these people are still living a hunter-gatherer (well, mostly hunter) lifestyle. It’s very interesting to see how these people lived, hunted, and thrived in such a challenging environment. My favorite part is the emphasis on fat in their diets.


All I’m saying is everyone should take a good hard look at how they are living their life. Are you happy with what you have become? Not your career…YOU. Are you happy with the body you have? Are you happy with diseases such as Diabetes, all Mental/Nervous disorders? Americans have been getting sicker and sicker and bigger and bigger every year. What if, instead of doing the same things year after year we go back to the original. Let’s get off our asses and DO SOMETHING! Let’s eat the way our ancestors did before the advent of farming. Let’s MOVE like our lives depend on it, because it does. Believe me, it does. I’m not saying that your nutritionist and your personal trainer are wrong…wait, maybe I am saying just that! How does milk benefit me? Calcium? I can get that from my veggies thanks. And when it comes to working out why should we isolate muscles to work them? Is our body designed to work only one muscle at a time or as one machine? How will having really big biceps help me run? How will a treadmill help me carry my friend 10 miles out of the woods when they break their leg? People just need to rethink their lives. Try to get better, not to be different, just a better you.

I apologize for the rant, I just get so frustrated when I see commercials for finding a cure to some disease when we already have one that works…The paleo diet. So many things can be cured by eating differently and breaking away from the Zoo Human.  Our society puts too much effort into helping symptoms not prevention. Some days I feel like I should just run away and live on my own, in the wilderness and too just be me without worrying about society and what shirt to wear to work tomorrow. All the trivial nonsense is getting to me more and more as I journey toward a better me.

Good luck to you all. I hope you find yourself before it is too late…

Shoeless Joe

Urban Spelunking

Note: Attempt at your own risk. It may be illegal, and it is dangerous.

Just because you don’t have a cave doesn’t mean you can’t go caving. Let me explain…

A few weeks ago a couple friends and I decided to do some spelunking. We couldn’t find a cave but we did find some pretty sweet tunnels. Alright, it was pretty much just a drainage system, but it was still a lot of fun. We found a cool underground room that we call The Chamber of Secrets. Since it is a secret I cannot tell you exactly where it is. It is nice to go in there and just relax. You are completely secluded from the world but your phone still works! It’s odd, I know. Being underground and having cell phone reception, but we tried 3 major carriers and they all work. This adventure has sparked a new interest in me. I am looking for more places to explore with my friends. Don’t be afraid to take chances and find new (to you) things/places. Just remember that if you decide to do this you may get hurt so don’t go alone and if you are going somewhere that needs a flashlight definitely take extra batteries. One thing I like to do is take a zip-lock bag with me for my phone/wallet/etc. in case I’m going to get wet. You never know where a creek with be when exploring.


Note: It may be illegal, and it is dangerous. Attempt at your own risk.

Late Night MovNat


Imagine this. It’s 10:30 at night. You are barefoot walking with a friend through a forest path. Then…you come across a group of people. What a perfect opportunity to do some MovNat stalking! It was so much fun creeping around on all fours trying to be as quiet as possible to get around people without being seen. Sadly…I need some more practice. Well, maybe I just need to do it again without a 25 pound backpack on. I love walking through the nature trail at Daemen College. It is a little sanctuary in a hectic city setting. If anyone would be interested in practicing MovNat with Nicky, Josh, Rich or I, leave a comment and we’ll get in touch. It is always nice to find more people to play with.


Long days and pleasant nights,

Shoeless Joe

Saturday Run

A week has gone by and it is now time to get everyone together again. Tomorrow morning we will be meeting for another barefoot run around the Eggert/Lebrun area. Email me for more information if you are interested. L.Joseph.KenyonII@gmail.com