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Maybe daily pic Zombie Fit


That spot on my shirt that looks a little like the Batman Logo is the only dry spot left after doing ZombieFit today. I know, it’s gross, but I’m going to get in shape and you have to get dirty before you can look good.


Barefoot Buffalo is now on YOUTUBE!

So, I have finally come up with a focus for this site. The one thing I am good at is surviving. Wilderness survival is something that everyone should know. I am still going to post about being paleo and MovNat adventures, but the survival skills will be a major focus. I have created a youtube account for instructional videos. The channel can be found at: youtube.com/barefootbuffalo I urge you all to subscribe if you would like to know how to live off the land when civilization crumbles and how to live the best life with the least when zombies start crawling out of the ground and coming for you.

Thanks everyone!

Shoeless Joe

Reading into Omens

One thing I wish I could do better is reading omens. I know the difference between good and bad omens, but I don’t know what aspect of life they are talking to me about. I had an abundance of good omens just fall into my lap today. I found 3: 4-leaf clovers and 3: 5-leaf clovers today. I can’t wait to see what good thing(s) happen to me. It may not even be that something good is going to happen. It could mean that I’m currently doing something right and I should stick with it. There are so many things that are new in my life right now. I am one week smoke free, I have decided to spend my new free time from not smoking to doing daily vlogs and I have decided to make sure I write a new post more frequently on here. So the omens could be for any/all of those. There were 6 good omens. I have also been trying to win the lottery so I can pay off all of my debt and follow my personal legend, which I believe is to live life to it’s fullest and happiest. This, for me, means buying some land out in the country and living in a house that I build where I can be happy and with the people I love. I will keep you posted with where these omens take me.

Enjoy the nice weather!

Shoeless Joe

Maybe Daily Pic/Vlog!!

Happy Birthday America!

I know this is a little late, but Happy Independence Day America and Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians out there. Did you all do anything fun and exciting? I had the chance to hit up a flea market and a farmer’s market. I also had the pleasure of going out to Niagara Falls for a free concert. I saw DMC of Run-DMC open for Our Lady Peace. No, I’m not on crack. I really saw that happen. I don’t know why they would have an old skool rapper open for a rock band, but hey! it was still pretty sweet. Enjoy the nice weather while you can Buffalo, you never know when you’re going to get a wicked strong thunderstorm. Just look at the weather today! No rainbows though..



Shoeless Joe