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Amazingly Simple Paleo Dinner

Paleo doesn’t have to be hard. It can be way easier than you think. You don’t need to over-think meals. Last night, the Nickster and I made an amazingly good/simple dinner. We had steak, cabbage and yams. The steak was done in a grill pan and seasoned with some steak seasoning a guy in our area makes. The cabbage was done using my “corned-beef and cabbage” secret spices and the yams were just yams, nothing special about those. For being as simple as it was it had so much flavor!

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What are you giving up for Lent?

I’m not really a practicing Catholic, but I still try to uphold the traditions of lent. This year I am going to give up wearing shoes. There are going to be some stipulations to this. I am required to wear proper footwear at work so at least one day a week I will have to wear shoes. I also snowboard so I will be wearing my boots for that. So, that’s what I’m giving up. What are you giving up? Leave a comment!

Eskimo Hunter-Gatherers

Posted by: Nicky

I found this video about life in Alaska back in the 1940’s. It’s pretty cool because these people are still living a hunter-gatherer (well, mostly hunter) lifestyle. It’s very interesting to see how these people lived, hunted, and thrived in such a challenging environment. My favorite part is the emphasis on fat in their diets.