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What is MovNat?

A question that I get asked a lot is, “What is MovNat?”  The simple explanation is: MovNat is using your body as nature intended. Alright, that’s not really a simple answer. It actually creates more questions. To really understand what MovNat is you should check out the website www.movnat.com. MovNat is made up of what they call the 3 Pillars. These are: 1) Natural 2) Evolutionary 3) Situational.

Natural (Respecting Laws of Nature): “MovNat is an environmental-oriented concept that provides a simple and accessible alternative to anyone interested in a physical activity that has minimal impact on nature.”*

Being stagnant is not natural. The lives we currently live are extremely sedentary and unhealthy. To become healthy we as a species need to embrace our bodies for their potential and bring our talents out from hiding.

Evolutionary (Trusting Our Primal Heritage): “The evolutionary philosophy of MovNat makes us understand how important it is to trust this universal and primal heritage.”*

Humans were not created yesterday, we have a long heritage and have been on this earth for over 200,000 years. That being said, our bodies and minds were designed for a different era, an era where we needed to move to survive. We needed to be able to hunt for our lives, run for our lives, swim for our live, climb for our lives, lift heavy objects for our lives, jump for our lives, throw for our lives and simply MOVE for our lives. Our bodies still have this engrained in them and need to be utilized. These things haven’t changed.

Situational (Satisfying Real World Demands): “MovNat trains you to become a well-rounded natural athlete, ready for a wide range of practical actions in various kinds of situations.” *

Does it make sense to be able to lift double your bodyweight and not be able to run 3 miles? Does it make sense to be able to run a marathon but not be able to lift 25 lbs? Of course not, but it happens all the time. You need to be able to survive any situation life  throws at us. You need to train your entire body and be ready to live life.

To summarize, MovNat is taking being from their unhealthy sedentary lifestyles and helping them become a true athlete, a true human, through education and practice. Please, go visit Erwan LeCorre at his website www. movnat.com and sign up for a 1-day seminar. This will be one of the best decisions you ever make.


(The first person talking is Nicky!)

Also, check out the youtube channel for MovNat: http://www.youtube.com/user/MovNat

There are some really nice videos/interviews on there.

*Quotes taken from http://movnat.com/about/the-pillars/.


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