Leave only footprints

The Reason for Slacking

It has been a crazy period in my life. I became ordained in the Church of Latter-Day Dude (Dudeism), one of my best friends passed away and I’ve just been trying to get by. Fishing, Bowling and what-have-you have really helped, as well as friends and family. I thank everyone for the support. Hopefully we here at Barefoot Buffalo will be back on track with the postings. Also, be ready to see a slight shift in where this site goes. Not so much as a change, more like an addition to the Paleo, MovNat, Barefoot life.


If you have anything you would like to hear my opinion/spin on let me know and I’ll cover it as soon as I can. Don’t be shy people! Help me help you. I abide.

The first Dudesim service hosted by Barefoot Buffalo is to be held at Transit Lanes tomorrow, Monday 13th around 10:00pm. The games are only $0.75 and shoe rental is $3.25  I hope to see a good turnout to this.




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