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Paleo Pancakes

Written by: Nicky

I was looking for something new to try for breakfast this week, and I came across this recipe for Almond Banana Pancakes on Mark Sisson’s website, http://www.marksdailyapple.com. The site has tons of primal recipes worth trying. I followed this recipe and the pancakes were absolutely amazing! I think they taste even better than real pancakes.

This recipe is quick and easy. I found that this recipe works well even if you use only 1 banana.

Here’s how I followed Mark’s recipe:

2 bananas

1 egg

1 heaping tablespoon of almond butter

Grass-fed butter or coconut oil

I mashed the bananas with a fork. Then I added an egg and mixed it with the banana using the same fork. Next I added the almond butter. It’s fine to leave some small banana lumps in the batter.

I greased the pan with grass-fed butter. It should work well with coconut oil if you don’t do dairy. Pour some batter onto the skillet (I made each pancake about 4 inches). The key is to cook the pancakes on low heat until the edges round. Then it is safe to flip them.

I served the pancakes with warm blueberries. I added some eggs and sausage on the side. Heaven!


One response

  1. Nicky

    I made these at least 4 times in the past week.

    November 28, 2010 at 6:40 PM

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